Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bye, bye hotel hospital...

For one week, we've enjoyed our stay at Hotel Hospital! They mix the formula, take Noah's vitals, give fresh linens, provide pink pjs for little boys, clean the bathroom, set you up with free wireless and cable tv...come on, why would be want to go home? Well, there is the cost of the cafeteria for the grown ups, the parking charges and the fact that either Jared or I miss sleeping in our own bed. So, it is a good thing and a perfect time to go home.

We are happily preparing to take Noah home tonight. The Drs. and nurses (and his parents) are pleased at how well his feeds are going - he did a bottling session with Occupational Therapy this afternoon and while he still only chews on the bottle, he willingly participated!

His g-tube site needs a lot of cleaning and care and he cannot yet bathe, but things are so much easier with feeds. Noah must feel better too - all he does is laugh and smile. He slept from 8pm to 7am last night. He is taking 140ml at each feed.

Our many thanks for the blessing of family and friends seen through prayers, support and love. Your acceptance and encouragement of Noah's special care strengthens our every day with him. We don't know how long Noah will need the G-tube. For now, he is 100% tube fed for liquids and he may try solids in a few weeks. We don't know when or if he will take liquids by mouth but we will work with all the lovely professionals helping us to give him the opportunities. It is better for us that we (or anyone else) don't put a time frame on the use of the G-tube. Noah will show us what Noah can do when it comes to drinking and eating. In the meanwhile, we are enjoying his darling personality, his development of skills and his smiles!!

Take good care,

Darlene, Jared & Noah

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  1. Glad to hear things are going so well! I'm sure you all will enjoy being home again and will find a comforting routine quickly! All the best!