Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plugging along

Trying a bit of walking with mommy's help - Noah likes his new heel cups that his physical therapist made for him!

Summertime girl.

Noah on his first beach day!

Playing with his big cousins - Kristopher tried feeding Noah yesterday and he did great. What awesome helpers! He proves ANYONE can do this tube feeding thing!

What a sweet baby our Esther is - reminds us of Noah and his sweet spirit in the beginning of his life (well more Jared than I since I spent many of those early months being ill)

Noah adores his daddy and his daddy's computer!

Daily play picnic with a bunch of different tastings. This is a type of therapy I do with Noah that allows him to taste foods in a fun way. It is pretty messy and he doesn't always participate, but we have fun trying. It is a little tiring to make food for Noah and then turn around and make his blended diet out of completely different ingredients...such is life with a non-eater!

Enjoying the sprinkler and a little drink.

How quickly the weeks fly by! We are enjoying summer, loving 3 feeds a day for Noah, watching Noah trying to walk with his new heel cups, trying not to think about weaning very much (hard to do), being discharged from pulmonary clinic at Children's Hospital, being sent back for further GI testing.....life is simple, delightful and filled with giggles. It helps to balance out the daily stress of tube feeding.

I find myself missing getting prepared for the start of the school year as this is the second year I haven't been teaching (and only taught for one year to begin with). I have a few new things going on in my life (see next paragraph) and some things I am considering in terms of my own career and personal growth. Please keep that in prayer if you have a moment - discernment and of course TIME MANAGEMENT!!

Please pray for our buddy Connor who is in the hospital. I marvel at your stamina and positive spirit, Geraldine. I am proud and honoured to now be part of the CASA (Caring Abroad Society of Alberta) Connor Board of Directors...if you are in the Calgary area, please join us for a Fiesta Fundraiser Dinner complete with Silent and Live Auction - September 24. Here is the current website soon to be updated:


And of course, keep up with Connor's journey here:


Have a great end of summer!!!