Tuesday, February 7, 2012

About time!

Oranges, processed cheese, cookies, milk, carrots..this momma is sooo happy to fulfill any of Noah's requests for tastings. If he asks for french fries, I drive to McDonald's and get some. He is doing a great job with biting and spitting out his food. He hardly ever retches with his tastings which tells us he is reducing his oral sensitivities. After a slow start in 2011, Noah has made big advances since the fall. I'm sooooo PROUD OF HIM. He is such a brave boy. I'm so grateful to be on this journey with him.

Esther is sooooo much fun and a true loving spirit! She is so joyful and fun. She would like to catch up with her brother so she has started to crawl her way around the house! She truly completes our family.

December 2011: Disneyworld! Our 4 hours of fun after spending time with the Dykstra family in the Florida Keys. The trip was exhausted yet special. At Disney, Jared and I felt like kids again - I look forward to many more family adventures and a little easier time traveling as the kids get older. Jared and I love to travel and have had many lovely trips together. I hope I can pass the joy of adventure and exploring new places on to our kids!

Okay, so I've been a terrible blogger lately. I write lovely blogs in my head during the days but then I often feel zapped when the kids are resting or the evening comes and I want to get out with friends, exercise, work or simply hang out with Jared!

Physically I was not feeling good for about 3 months. My eczema was out of control. I felt I could get things better and was trying all kinds of stuff. I finally went to the Dr. in January and started some oral steriods and blam - all better within days. I still have a couple weeks left of meds but I feel soooooo much better. Praise God for medical advancements and medication that can help get through minor things in life that can drag you down a bit. Added to that time, Esther was consistently sick with a cold which isn't a big deal but it is a bit draining day to day. She was very unwilling to drink from a bottle throughout that period and after 4 months of struggling we are weaning her to a cup. She isn't a great drinker but loves to eat!! I was encouraged when I saw she was growing out of her clothing and gaining weight. As a first time mom to Noah, I felt so discouraged so often that things I would try for him would fall flat and with Esther it is not nearly so daunting (different circumstances but still).

I've been maturing a lot through my work. It humbles me, it challenges my faith, it energizes me. I'm really grateful to have a creative outlet and be working with a fine staff of folks and many dedicated volunteers. Also, I'm working on weight loss which is not something new for me but over the years I've found the tools that work for me well. It is a slow and steady ride but I'm seeing results which is encouraging. I'm taking an exercise class that makes me do stuff I've never even imagined I could do. It is good to be challenged. I like it. I need it. I'm thankful for it.

Jared is busy busy busy with work. He is feeling good about the work he is doing, is challenged by it and puts in a lot of hours. In all our marriage, I've never seen him up so early in the morning! He continues to be a true parenting partner. There isn't anything he doesn't help with in terms of parenting. He is amazing. He takes care of all the "stuff" with home maintenance, cars etc. He lets me manage the money :-) He lets me be myself. He gives me breaks on the weekend so I can work a bit, enjoy friendships and take care of myself. He encourages me in my goals and never puts his own interests ahead of mine or the children. Selfless. He's really fun to be with and makes marriage a joy. He works as a volunteer in the technical ministry at church and really cares about making things work well there. We are very similar - we don't want to just do "good enough" but do enough that we've done it well.

Noah, Noah, Noah....what an incredible 2 year old. A firey little spirit. A brave little guy who has some hard stuff to deal with each day. Loves a good ol' belly laugh. Loves to run, jump and play. I stand amazed at him daily. Low tone? Not holding him back. Hole through his stomach - no match for this little guy. He continues to impress the therapy team and while the journey to eating/drinking is a daily challenge, it has more joys as food is fun and we try to make it a positive experience. I keep being told by the therapy team that our connection with Noah and his needs is resulting in progress and I am seeing that. I have a great working relationship with all the therapists and give them ideas as they give me some back. I was asked to be a leader in a seminar series on parenting special needs children through the Child Development Centre. I turned this down due to time constraints but it was an encouragement to be asked. Another experience I get to credit to Noah and his presence in our lives.

Noah is drinking from his straw cup every day, and every few days he'll just randomly yell out a food he wants! "Oranges!!!" And mommy comes running! We do a really good play picnic at 4pm daily - this is his best time of day for tastings. We work hard at incorporating food play into our day and while it is tiring to make blended food, pureed food, diet food and regular food (although Jared is the easiest going when it comes to eating so he'll go with whatever I'm making), I know this is only for a time.

We are having fun as a family. We are enjoying life and praising our Maker for the gift of our children.

Take care and happy tube feeding awareness week - check it out on Facebook!

ps. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA DYKSTRA!!! We love you and thank God for you.

**HERE IS A LINK TO A RECENT NEWS STORY ON THE CALGARY PUBLIC LIBRARY - Noah and I were interviewed about library usage - his first TV role!