Thursday, July 1, 2010

Try, try and try again!

Hello to all,

Noah was admitted back into hospital last night. He is smiling at anyone and everyone as per standard. Thank goodness for a boy with a wonderful personality. He is probably more okay with being away from home than Jared and I!

Noah had been retching for about a week but over the last 48 hours, it became worse despite us letting air out of the g-tube during feeds, after feeds, before feeds etc. I called the gals in Home Nutrition yesterday morning and they said to take him in to our pediatrician. So, while our house was being cleaned as a present (THANKS SHERRI!!!), we met Jared at the Dr. We spent time discussing options with the Dr. but ended up at the same place as I thought would happen - emergency room. Noah had an IV put in for fluids, they took some x-rays and blood and urine samples. Then we were admitted.

I've been feeling worried about Noah's feeds for a few days. I didn't want to overreact; however, I had the instinct that not all was well with his ability to tolerate feeds. It is pretty discouraging to be back to square one with Noah. To see him in his pink striped girl pjs does make me giggle - they are the only ones that fit over his IV. Not a worry, Oma just came by with a new pair of "boy" pjs for Noah - thanks Oma!

For now, Noah is only receiving the IV fluids. Tomorrow we'll start some pedialyte. They have given Noah a new medication to help with stomach empyting, retching and his esophagus sphincter...I'll spare you the details of why we are thinking this is the approach but there are, as always, many avenues to explore with Noah. We are in for a slow weekend and probably having to repeat Noah's story from birth time and again to new Drs. That is quite tiring for us. His chart is huge now (not as big as the one for our friend Connor, though!) Things will move slowly this weekend - Noah's needs to try to tolerate food again, plus its holiday weekend so the hospital moves at a slow pace as well.

Jared will stay will Noah again tonight....I haven't been sleeping well for days so it is a big treat to be home and sleeping in our bed. The only thing missing is my husband next to me and my son in the next room. Thank you Jared for being such a caring husband and father. I love you and Noah more than words can describe.

I'll try to give you an update as things progress, but likely it won't be for a few days. I haven't had time to really rest up after the last hospital stay, then coming home and g-tubing Noah 6 feeds a day (which took about 10 hours a day total), the stress of the retching and now back into the hospital for an undetermined period of time. Thankfully Jared will be with me on the weekend and then I'll be able to rest up before the week begins again.

Thank you for your prayers. That is all we really need right now.



  1. Oh, Dar, I'm so sorry about this set back. Just when you think things are progressing...

    Poor little guy.

    Will this lead to perhaps a different diagnosis?

    I couldn't imagine spending 10 hours a day feeding.

    You are the STRONGEST woman I know, by far.

  2. Sending lots of love and prayers your way...along with good vibes!!!

  3. Will definitely your family in our prayers.

  4. We will be praying for answers and strength for you all.