Thursday, September 23, 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles


Its been a busy month! I've managed two trips, one to Invermere by car (thank you Terri and Jen) and Abbotsford by plane (thank you Susan, Jeff, E, Princess A, little a, Pam, Nolan, L and L). As a family we were able to drive to Mara Lake (thank you James, Shannon, J and S). It was so nice to see Noah easily adjust to different places and sleep situation. He did really well and only encountered a few tube related challenges.

Lately, Noah is having a blast learning to use his arms to pull himself around. He has no interest being on his tummy so he simply pulls himself to the nearest fun looking item. Usually, it is his suitcase :-)

In this picture he is working his way around his room, trying to avoid the carpet as it slows his movement down.

This is the proud moment of opening his clothing drawer - oh look, its the little suit he is going to wear to his Auntie Anika's wedding in a few weeks. That is our next travel, the biggest yet. Thankfully, Oma is going to fly on the plane with us to Toronto and help us out for a few days so Jared and I can support Anika and Andrew and enjoy the wedding celebrations! We will also have the delight of finally meeting our niece. I cannot wait.

This picture was taken just before he took out all of mommy's pots and pans....Noah, you are strong!!

Here is our favourite activity. Lately Noah has taken to drinking a bit of water from a Tupperware container while enjoying his bath time. It is really encouraging. He is also willing, from time to time, to bit a cookie or two. Even though he'll often spit out the contents of what is in his mouth, it really gives us hope that his aversion is not getting worse! I think his 7 teeth are helping us progress in trying different textures.

As for tube feeds, I am SOOOOO HAPPY to report that bolus is going well. We need 4 hours in the daytime to get in Noah's feeds, so he is actually off his pump for a few hours a day. He is and will continue to be feed for 13 hours at a low rate overnight. It is so nice to see him able to move around without his tube dangling behind him. We will keep working at slowly increasing the rate in the hopes of doing 4, 45 minute feeds during the day. Retching continues and is quite intense when it happens, but the frequency somehow seems manageable.

And now, a small taste of our travels. Here is L showing off her stickers. Unfortunately, I did not remember our camera and so I've had to beg for a few off Pam's camera. Hopefully I'll have a few more pictures to balance out the story - I had 2 host families!

Noah loved hanging out with new friends, trying out new toys and generally smiling his way into the homes of my dear friends. He and L were busy getting to know each other in this picture. Noah would hang on to the edge of the rocker and pat the baby's hand. Now, if girl L from above got in his way, well, he wasn't as kind and would pull her hair - oops.

His new favorite activity - sitting in a soft chair and sliding out......repeat cycle! Thanks L for sharing your chair with Noah. Plus, it is Thomas so my title of the blog actually has some connection. I know, weak :-)

Take care!!

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