Monday, May 3, 2010

FEES me, please

Happy Monday to all!

This week Tuesday  we begin physical therapy at home with Pediatric Home Care.  We will receive the PT at home until Noah is put under the care of the Infant Team at Alberta Children's Hospital.  The Team will look after his PT, OT, Diet, Feeding Clinic and perhaps Speech Therapy if needed.  In the meanwhile, our Pediatric coordinator is working hard to have services available to us rather than waiting the 5 months it takes to be put under the charge of the Infant group.  We are very fortunate that these services are so readily accessible to us!

This Thursday Noah will be having a Fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) to asses his swallowing, without X-rays. An ear nose and throat doctor will pass a small scope, attached to a camera, through the nose and into the middle of the throat.  They will look at his throat and vocal chords, and if he is willing to take some liquids or solids, his swallow.  Please pray this that isn't too traumatic for Noah, especially since Jared and I will have to change the tube that night after the procedure.  Another test you ask?  We are all wondering if his swallow is working properly.  We believe it is because Noah had a Upper GI study in December and it was normal at that time.  But, he is a lot older now and worth checking at this point. 

Here are a couple photos from last night - Noah wanted to show off his tube after his bath!

Noah looks like he's thinking: "Watch out world, pretty soon I'm going to feed myself through this thing!"

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