Friday, May 21, 2010

Challenge and joy of 6 months

Happy 6 Months, Noah!


Noah has been refluxing so often lately.....he hasn't gained any weight for a couple weeks and that's always a hard thing to accept.  Feeding is difficult for many parents, and it is definitely the thing I lose the most sleep over....that and napping!


This simple word sums up the days and nights with Noah.  Amidst the challenges, we take a look at this smiley, silly guy and just feel so blessed.

Cooking with Mommy

Spikey hair boy

Smiles and sunshine in the morning (compliments of daddy's photography talents!)

And now....a little video treat


  1. Happy 6 months to charming, adorable, and very smart Noah. I hope you gain weight soon.
    Your smile brings joy to everyone around you!


  2. Thanks for the post! He is too cute!