Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noah's week

Good Sunday Morning!

Noah and I (Dar) are enjoying some worship music.  In my commitment to blogging more frequently, I thought weekly updates/musings would be an attainable goal.  As much as we'd love to go to church as a family, it makes for a tough day Noah-wise.  I stopped counting vomits at 10 at this morning's its a rush to get out the door and then his day consists only of feeds to fit them all in.  So Jared is off to corporate worship and Noah and are finding out own way to praise the God of love. 

We started our day with a bath to wash away our formula in our neck- good thing Noah has a built-in snorkel (see, I can make jokes about the tube!).   He's a big fan of this activity.   I am usually able to get a few minutes to get myself ready -- it is tricky to leave Noah unattended as he rubs at his tapes all the time.  We aren't as worried about his pulling his tube but he can easily dislodge his tapes.  I think we should buy stock in Bandaid - we are on box 8.  We keep figuring out a way to keep tings secure.  Anyways, I managed to get a shower in - usually pulling his hands away and saying "no, thank you Noah" keeps him away from his face for a few minutes.

This week was a retail therapy week!  Remember Jared, it is all for Noah (this is when he sees my credit card statement - kidding!)  I bought a few special products for Noah's reflux.  Below is the AR pillow - he had his first sleep on it last night and did well.  There is more and more vomiting going on at night so we hope this will at least keep him from aspirating.  He was really comfortable and was awake as always when I came to visit him at 3am.  Big eyes and smiles.  We hope this will be a good incline for him and lead to a restful sleep each night.  These products are on only available on line and come from the States; however, it is well worth the cost and effort it is helps Noah. 

This was the week that we came to a decision to pursue a G-tube for Noah.  When we met with Dr. P to discuss, he suggested he consider a fundo  This was a surprise to us and we are still on our knees with regard to that surgery.  I'll let you know more details as things progress.  Right now we are awaiting a call to meet with a general surgeon to discuss the 3 procedures (muscle removal to test for neuro diseases, G-tube and fundo).

Thanks to Jonah F., Noah has new favourite place to hang out.  We can put in him for a few minutes just before a feed and he goes wild, jumping, dancing, giggling - it is a hoot.  He doesn't seem to reflux in this (probably because he is being help up by the underarms rather than his tummy).  Thanks for sharing, Jonah (and Jill & John!). 

We've had lots of beautiful emails, cards and phone calls this week.  I haven't been great at returning phone calls with so many appointments (feed clinic, Dr., chiro etc.) and so I will get back to the 12 messages on the machine soon - I promise.  Oma (my mom) is headed on a 3 week adventure with a friend to Arizona and we will miss her.  Thanks to dear Auntie Terri (love you!) we have some nice meals coming to help fill in the gap of help.  Evelyn is amazing but it takes the 2 of us to care for Noah in the day - my mom usually comes from 4:30-6 and I get some cooking done.  Noah can't be put down after a feed so this way I will have supper for a few weeks and I can care for Noah.  THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR THEIR CONTINUED SUPPORT AND CARE.    Below is a picture of the "Verkerk" clan - L, K, J-Ann and Oma.   Those cousins of Noah are pretty keen on their little babe cousin.  We love their visits. 

Well, that's a brief update.  I'll leave you with the English translation of a favourite Dutch prayer...Ik ga slapen.  I sang this in dutch each evening before bed (as did many of you I know!).  Noah and I pray it too.  I wondered about the translation and low and behold the next day, my mom brought it hand written on a piece of note paper.  Thanks mom!  May it be a blessing to our readers. 

Peace to you this week.  Gotta run - feed time and big nap for Noah!

Love the Dykstras

Ik ga slapen:

I am tired and sleepy too.
As I kneel in prayer to you,
Lord, please watch me in the night,
keep me safe and in your sight.

All the wrong I did today
please forgive me Lord I pray,
Take my sin and take my shame
Wash me clean in Jesus' name

Help poor children far and near,
heal the sick and calm their fear
keep all people in your care
hear for Jesus' sake my prayer

Lord please keep my parents dear
and my friends both far and near
Make us reast until we wake
Keep us safe for Jesus' sake

Make me rise at morning light
thankful, healhy, strong and bright
as a brand new day I see
May your sunlight shine on me.

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