Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrating 5 months baptized! 

I hadn't yet posted any pictures from Noah's baptism which took place at the beginning of March.  Thanks so much for those who were able to share in that special day....especially Mom and Dad Dykstra who came from Gorrie, Ontario. 

 Look, Mom and Dad - I'm 5 months old! 

Noah is 5 months old this week - wow!  Well, peanut you have come a long way from those days in the hospital with tubes attached everywhere.  Our little guy is full of smiles and a bright personality.  I have to laugh because as I'm typing he was jumping in the jolly jumper and his tube popped out of his sleeper and Noah ended up dancing all over his stomach contents - oops!  He wasn't fazed by the fact that his food was dripping out of his tube!

We have 2 weeks of full time help from Evelyn left and then she will come 3 days a week until the surgery.  Please pray that I will be able to manage well on a daily basis.

Surgery update:  

Noah is scheduled for a G-Tube, Nissen Fundoplication (Laparoscopic) and Muscle Tissue removal on June 15.  The surgery will take approximately 4 hours.  We hope and pray his reflux will get better in the meanwhile so that the "fundo" may not be necessary.  However, we are hopeful that this will be the change in Noah's life that takes away his label of "failing to thrive" (which he is not by the way!!) to thriving all the way!

Thank you!!

Meals again have been so helpful.  Thanks to Krista, Carrie, Terri, Jen, Gloria, Glynis - special thanks to Terri for organizing.  It was also nice to see Aunt Jenny, Reuben and Joshua yesterday - thanks for stopping in!  My mom is having a super time on her trip and feeling very refreshed - we'll see her again in about a week and a half. 

Congrats to Rob and Mel who had their second son this week - Lucas (I particularly think its a splendid name!)  I had a quick chat with Mel and she did very well and they are settling in at home. 

I was able to attend coffee break this week as well as go out with some girlfriends last night.  I also had a special spa experience with Julie-Ann - thanks to my Gr 5 class last year for the gift card.  I finally used it and was able to share it which was even better!!  Petra also helped out yesterday with a feed and I trained our new friend Kristen to help with Noah as well.  So we should have some great help when Evelyn is gone (gulp).

Until Next Week: 

Noah has several books he adores - one is called "God Loves Your Nose" which is a hand-me-down from his older nephews (I think I bought it for one of them years ago).  I love the fact that it focuses on the nose....the part of Noah's body we have to keep him from playing around with too much.  I always remind him when I say "No, thank you Noah" and pull his hands away that his nose is so special it needs protecting.  I'll leave you with the last paragraph:

"It's true, we all are special, 
And as your body grows
Just know that God, who made you
Loves you...nose to toes!"

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  1. He's such a beautiful baby! I'm glad to hear that things are moving along, medically-speaking. "Failure to thrive" is such a negative sounding phrase, and really doesn't apply in this situation (in my expert medical opinion!).

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for your family.