Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Times in between

There are many times that I felt life was "in between."  These seasons were not without purpose, enjoyment, or importance but were all significant moments for their own reasons.  

We are in one of those seasons right now in baby-waiting mode.  I'm actually okay with being overdue, truly I am.  It is fun to get all the tips to induce labour, feeling the anticipation that in less than one week we'll DEFINITELY have our peanut born, and simply relishing in time as "just" a married couple.  This season will never be again :-)

I was thinking about the other times in between and wondering if I savored and reflected on those situations the same way I'm doing right now.  

1.  The year off I took between high school and paralegal training....I worked at a bunch of random jobs that were fun and full of interesting people.  It was a stress-free and a really random time that I'm glad I had. 

2.  Going to Nigeria.  I took a leave from my job as a paralegal.  Actually I quit my job but my boss convinced me to come back to work when I was back in Calgary.  This time in between would help to shape me spiritually and it was integral in setting the scene for years to come. 

3.  Trinity Western University.  I call this a time in between because I really wasn't sure how to approach my university career.  It turned out to be an exceptional year of learning, development of friendships, musical encounters and pure joy.  Thankfully, most of my classes transferred to U of C when I decided to complete my degrees in Calgary!

4.  Dating Jared.  I'll admit we talked about the future pretty early on in our journey so we knew where things were headed  - hence the time in between label.  'Twas a lovely few months of choosing to love one another.  Side note to this season:  I almost failed Eco Biology and just barely finished 2 correspondence courses after buying all the possible extensions they offer.  We still laugh about that.

There you have it.  I'm sure the list could be longer but hey, clarity of thought isn't necessarily my strong suit right now.  By the way, what's on your list?

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  1. Hey there! Totally off topic, but what can I buy for your little one? I recently bought a gift for a friend at work (a sleeper) and realized after the fact that it was probably the 30th sleeper he had received that day alone. I always gravitate towards'cute clothes' instead of practical.

    What do you have the least of?