Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Piano - random act of kindness

As a teen, there was a nice little upright piano in my mom's den where I would compose songs, work on worship music and pretend to practice for my Royal Conservatory exams (sorry, Mom - at least I did well "on the fly").

One year the cost of tuning and the general need for cash caused the piano to be sold and replaced with a small keyboard. Now, this was certainly not as traumatic as it sounds - I was fine with it and life went on.

When I married Jared, he had this idea that a "real" piano was a splendid idea. Initially I dismissed it in favour of travel and well, a second university degree. I actually had forgotten about it until we began down the path of starting a family.

Enter piano chapter #1: sitting in a friend's backyard, her sister says she has a piano for sale. I get very excited and show a genuine interest in purchasing same. As the weeks pass, however, I realize that moving a piano from another city is more costly than I thought. Consequently, we let this one go.

Piano chapter #2: Jared puts the piano seeking into full gear, finds the "perfect" piano that is affordable. We move it to our living room. For whatever reason, I mention this new piece of furniture to very few folks.

This results in chapter #3: several weeks later, a lovely gal at church (who was present during chapter #1) brings Jared into her secret plan. The piano of #1 was going to be delivered from Edmonton via her husband who was on his way as they spoke. She had comprised a plan with several other folks to give us a "happy baby gift." Needless to say, we were speechless, followed by shock, followed by sheepish. "Um, er, well, we actually have a piano," was his response. The kind husband turned the truck around on the highway to head back home. No hard feelings.

We were left feeling very loved by this random act of kindness. Especially since it was composed primarily by folks we didn't know that well.

So, thank you MW, CW, LS and ES - you blessed us and showed us what kindness in action means. Sorry to have foiled your plan!

Here is the chapter #2 piano in our living room:

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