Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The tube is gone

Noah's PEG Stomach Tube was removed last Tuesday.  He is recovering very very well.  He has started eating great again.  It has been simply amazing to see how well he has done. 

This marks the end of my time as a blogger.

I began to write just before Noah came into our lives and the blog turned into a place where I could honestly share our experience, our heartache and now our joy in the journey of tube feeding.

I'm finding it all hard to believe!  But it is true, Noah is an full on oral-eater, demanding his waffles and "bear" cereal, and being almost 3 years old in every way imaginable!  

For myself I need to "turn off" this blog, to turn my attention to family, parenting and work in a non-medical framework (which is taking some adjustment but in a positive way).

I thank you all from the depth of my being for sticking with us - when we couldn't talk, when we needed your help and you came to our door or email inbox with encouragement, those who literally crawled in my bed when I felt I couldn't go know who you are..............

I will not forget this experience and your love as long as I live.  

Praise God for this gift of healing.  We are so grateful.  

Signing off, 


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