Monday, November 14, 2011

Almost two?

Look at our little taster - super comfortable around messy foods!

Hi everyone!

I can't believe how much time has gone by since I last wrote a blog! It is really a good thing since in that last months our Noah has been making wonderful progress!

Here are the super cool things he can now do!

1. WALK, WALK, WALK!!!!!!!!!!! He started a few weeks ago and has almost left scooting behind.
2. Drinking small amounts of milk and water out of a Rubbermaid juice box. He is getting more comfortable holding his cup and is starting to expect getting it when he sits down in his highchair.
3. Asks for food by saying "mum mums?" This doesn't happen often but it does happen. It is music to my ears.
4. Loves to dance around the living room with me (so sweet).
5. Is getting used to his little sister and wants to "check baby" or "see baby." He also enjoys bringing her a toy or blankie.
6. Tasting a variety of foods - all of his "eating" is very hit and miss, depends on the circumstances and surroundings. But he is very willing to be part of the dinner table and very interested in what we are eating. He labels almost all food as "pizza" but what does it matter? He is trying and I've never had this much hope for Noah's future oral eating.
7. His speech has advanced beautifully - he is speaking short sentences, copies us and makes more and more sounds and learns new words daily.
8. He is so super smiley, loves a good gut laugh, gives us hugs and kisses and has turned into a little cuddle monster. We love it!

Life is simple and sweet...full of giggles and silly faces (and diapers). I have taken a part-time job with our church which has been a wonderful blessing. Thanks for some excellent child care (Oma and Miss. Marie) I am able to put my energy into areas of passion other than my family. It has been very good for me. I'm thankful for this opportunity.

As for the next months, we will continue our daily food play with Noah, giving him his homemade blended diet (which we love) and talk about planning a tube ween. That is the "big scary thing" in our world right now. But I cannot control that and I am constantly praying to release Noah's tube feeding as something I am grateful to be a part of rather than just a burden. I will admit it continues to be hard to see him retching but Jared and I do feel excited how willing Noah is to try tasting. We try to stay focused on that. Tube feeding is a stressful way to live but we know dwelling in the stress takes away the joy we have in raising our children.

Here are a couple of newish pictures. Noah will turn 2 on November 24 and unlike last year, we are gonna party it up this year!! Noah is going to have a few little friends over for cupcakes and then our family will also have a celebration. Then, our next big adventure is heading to the Florida Keys area in December for a Dykstra family "reunion."

Thanks for reading, for your constant encouragement, your prayers and mostly your presence in our lives (whether near or far). Take good care!

Happy family

Daddy and his monkeys

Love the bib from Oma : I moose eat! (in pink and yellow - tehe)

A new look in fashion BUT LOOK AT THAT STANDING!!
(thanks for the life jacket Uncle Andrew and Auntie Anika)

Noah and his favourite cup

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