Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Pediasure...the week in photos

So I'm feeling tired and a little lazy so this post is just a snapshot of our week - saw the pediatrician who wants to treat Noah for asthma, mostly to rule it out. There is significant family history on my side so it is worth trying. We had a chest x-ray today too to ensure Noah isn't aspirating any liquids. We continue to assume the fundoplication is intact and keeping liquids from harming Noah's esophagus.

The other big change of the week is the introduction of separation anxiety. I've always been so blessed by a kid who goes with anyone, nurseries, etc. Okay, so that might be over for a bit. He cries for "mama" every 5 minutes the last few days. Oh dear...Noah you realize your sibling will be here in May, right? Hopefully it is just a phase. Let's just say he was in sheer terror this morning when I had him put on the table for the x-ray.

Hello cookie monster....he took one tiny bite - way to go, Noah!
We offer Noah a variety of foods at each feed (5-6 times a day)

Sharing a favourite pastime with a favourite person (Oma)

Mom, isn't this like your aerochamber (boo!)
We were hoping our kidlets would have mommy's eye sight and daddy's lungs (and neither of our teeth) could still happen!

Trying to make taking asthma medications fun - um, right? He is starting his dose tonight (I was slow getting the prescription filled due to Calgary -35 degree cel. with wind chill).

Neocate/Pediasure mix - as of Thursday, January 13, we are fully on Pediasure.
Huge cost savings and very convenient. Jared asked where I'd like to go on vacation with all the extra cash we'll have :-) I don't think he's serious, though. Sigh.
Things are going well so far and I haven't seen this much poop from him in a long time which is excellent.

6 bolus feeds a day means lots of Thomas the Train, Sesame Street and other shows
Noah is chewing a sippy cup with rice milk in it
But look I am feeding my boy myself, not through a robot (the pump)! A GREAT CHANGE.

The feeding regime - 2 medication doses a day, plus prune nectar, plus water boluses

Weird picture - I've been forgetting to mention this pregnancy much. So, here are my wrist splints for carpel tunnel, my duel wedge pillow for sleep, my gummie vitamins (stop stealing them Jared!) which are the only kind I can stomach and the ever present bowl - yup still puking at 23 weeks. Baby is healthy and that is all that matters :-)

Stay warm out there (that applies to mostly the readers in Alberta!)


  1. Yeah - so happy that Noah took a bite of cookie! 1 bite is better than none. It sounds like his transition to Pediasure was going well. I hope he's still tolerating it well. Yeah for not having to use the feeding pump. Bolus feeds can be so much easier than the pump. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Hi Jodi!

    You understand a little is way better than nothing! It makes me a little sad to say things are going well when you've had to return to making formula and night feeds - sorry about that. I'm praying for Allie and her journey with corn allergy that in April you can let her eat whatever she wants and at least not have to fight another battle.

    Thanks for all the action on the Facebook page for Tube Feeding Awareness. You put much more effort into connecting with other tubie parents. It is inspiring. I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the great work as a wife and mother - your girls are just beautiful!