Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Year

My Birthday balloons from Mrs. Kristina! I'm watching my favourite show and taking a tube feed. I have to do that 4 hours everyday but I'm a good sport about it all!

My mom doesn't seem to go out much when this white stuff (I'm told it is called "snow") falls and the temperature is -30c. I don't mind and just watch all the action out of the living room window.

Dear Noah Pieter,

It is hard to believe that a year ago you came into our lives and took over our hearts! You've had to put up with rookie parents (sorry buddy) and a lot of things that make your body feel yucky. Guess what?? You have done all of that with a smile on your face - that's why we call you our resilient boy!

You've had a great adventure over the last year. You have learned that life on earth can be a wonderful place while at the same time filled with difficulty. Nothing has held you back. Not all the tests, the NG tube, surgery, a g-tube, complications, and those awful retches you have each and every day. You blow us a kiss when the retch is done. It makes me wonder if you do that to make mom and dad feel better? It wouldn't surprise me if you did. I think you realize it could be so much worse and thinking of our friends we've met in person and online who struggle so much more than you do (we love you, Connor!!)

You have smiled your way into the hearts of countless people - family, friends, medical and para-medical professionals. Everyone is happy to see you. Even when you have to do less fun things (like 4 hours of day feeds) you are okay with it, especially if Sesame Street is on the laptop! We are so proud of you. You've come a long way from needing to eat 24 hours a day. Wow!

Now we start a new year with you and we are so excited to see what you'll learn to do. We will learn right along with you.

Thank you for being such a wonderful little boy. We love you so much, Noah.

Love and huggies,

Mommy & Dadddy

ps. Thanks to our Ontario family for the little birthday party we had a few weeks back and a big thanks for all the birthday wishes we've been receiving for our little blonde guy. We feel the love, that's foresure.

pps. Please pray for Grandpa D. as he has a big surgery this coming week and needs our prayers for healing, comfort and peace.

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