Friday, December 11, 2009

Never did I imagine....

First, a huge thank you for the prayers, gifts, food, help.....with Noah in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now, we couldn't have done this without the support.  
Never did I imagine...

-our little boy would be admitted to Alberta Children's Hospital on November 29.  We were sent by the Public Health Nurse who came to our home upon our discharge from Rockyview.  She was concerned about his high respiratory rate and his very poor feedings.  Upon being in emergency, he had a lumbar tap, a catheter, blood work, chest films, nasal secretion test.....and so on.

-we've have met over 20 professionals for a variety of theories as to what is going on with Noah.  More tests and medications followed as the days unfolded - upper GI, reflux medication, etc.  

-I am pumping, bottle feeding, breast feeding, cup feeding, tube feeding- anything to help our little guy eat.  

-OT assess him daily for his "disorganized suck" and "chompy jaw."  He works WAY to hard eating and uses all his calories just trying to eat.  Its sad, hard and frustrating to watch and participate in.  

-be ever so grateful to be parents to our Noah Pieter.  He is an absolute sweet pea and so beautiful.  We will forgot all about this when its over.  Right now, its just hour by hour and praying he will get better soon.  

For now, 

Dar, Jared and Noah!

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  1. Oh my goodness! With your difficult pregnancy I was CONVINCED you would have a smooth birthing experience. You have rotten luck!

    As for breastfeeding, don't let 'mommy-pressure' get to you. It's worse than teenage 'peer-pressure' but no one ever talks about it. Of course breast feeding is best, but it is also REALLY HARD! If it doesn't work out for you and Noah it's OK to switch to formula. I'm no doctor, of course, and I don't know much about his health concerns, but plently of people were 'formula babies' and are perfectly healthy! Breastfeeding does not work out for everyone but there's this huge pressure to do it.

    I hope you and your beautiful baby boy are better soon. I don't imagine you will ever forget about all this, but you will use it as a reason to cherish him even more. :-)